Our Commitment to Sustainability

Haggs Bank Bunkhouse is proud of its commitment to environmentally sustainable tourism. Green Tourism Silver AwardWherever possible we have incorporated features to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. The renovation has introduced excellent insulation, A-rated appliances, a UV spring water supply, grey water for flushing toilets and LED lighting. We use recycled toilet paper, natural cleaning products and purchase fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar. Our wastewater is treated to a very high standard before being discharged into the River Nent under an environmental permit.

Outside we have planted many native trees on the site and our wildflower meadow is thriving under our gentle management. We have had more flowers in 2014 than ever in the past 4 years! Haggs Bank Campsite Wildflowers

Adjacent to our site is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and as Chair of the Haggs Bank Stewardship Group that manages and protects this area we have the local community at the heart of our business. We regularly welcome local wildlife groups onsite and provide a venue for their meetings.

We would like all our visitors to help us with our aims by:

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Segregate and recycle your waste to minimise what goes to landfill, there are lots of facilities on site.
Conserve Energy – Turn off lights when you are the last to leave the room. Tell us if you are too warm and we will adjust the heating – don’t just open the windows!
Be water wise – our taps, showers and toilets are flow restricted but please don’t waste our precious spring water.
Shop local – we have some amazing local shops, many run as co-operatives and community projects – support them whenever you can.
Respect nature – clean up after your dog, don’t litter, and when using designated paths abide by the signposts and keep to the allocated walkways. We are lucky to have some unique flora and fauna in the North Pennines and we want to preserve this for everyone to enjoy!
Give the car a rest – catch one of the local buses, we have timetables onsite, or ask us for details of local walks or cycle routes to try!